Polygon Flower
September 11 – September 27,  2020
ZAWP Bilbao

Polygon Flower was shown in Bilbao, at ZAWP’s Terminal 2 from the 11th to the 27th of September 2020. The works were produced between March and September 2020.

Polygon Flower collects the experience of forced confinement due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19. The experience of quarantine has allowed a reformulation of how to relate to the space in which you live. How boredom has been an incentive to activate creative play, which is art. The elements and objects that coexist in that space of forced confinement become magical elements where their formal and conceptual transformation is vital for performative and artistic action.
The artistic creation as a game, in which your sense of being is reduced to the ability to make sense as you improvise your rules and purpose. Unintentional scribbles meet with the unpredictable, the magical, and the symbolic. To find the strangeness in the everyday objects, and the novelty in the familiar. To reconfigure the game so that your chances never run out.

Pictures by Jorge Isla