11 November– 12 November 2022
Mira Festival

"At a certain point I was told about a collaboration with the Mira Festival. Just ten years ago I had been part of the line-up of the festival and it seemed like a fun project. The idea of the campaign was to contrast the earthly with the virtual, and I was in charge of the physical part, so I was delighted. I wanted to create a very bizarre installation. Something like a kind of urban lichen that has been absorbing everything in its path. For a month I was collecting material and papering the neighborhood of Bellvitge for people to bring me their broken toys. We even broke into a waste treatment facility.

The production time was very tight, one week. Luckily I had the help of my friend Kob. We worked long hours and at night I was dreaming about the project. Although there were some ideas generated with AI, everything was quite improvised. First the structure, then the fountain circuit and lights, the polyurethane foam, paint and resins. Bones, veins, muscles and skin. We were very satisfied with the result. At the last minute we realized that the sculpture would not come out of the door and we had to hire a crane to take it out the window. It was glorious to see it suspended high up in the air [...]”

The installation was presented at Mira Festival on the 11th & 12th of November.

Pictures by Alexandra Cepeda
Special thanks to Erques Torres, Martin VP and The Mira Festival team.